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A new ! "The Houston-Mt. Everest Expedition Flights 1933" by Pradip Jain and Anthony S. Bard
Mahatma Gandhi, a life in the service of the humanity
International Reply Coupon: Rome model (with illustrations)
Print run with "la petite presse"...

Luxembourg, a tiny country with a great past

The city of Luxembourg lies on a sandstone plateau between the valleys of the Alzette and the Petrusse, at which strategic site a celtic and a roman settlement had already been located.

Uniforms of Russian Officials of the Communication Field

Four Postage Stamps within the “History of the Russian Uniforms” Series, will be Issued on September 5, 2014...

Mexican Vanilla in Philately

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is an orchid originating in the tropical forests of Mexico, Central America and possibly the Antilles...