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The Board ensures the overall management of the "Postal Club".
In this regard, it prepares the sessions of the General Meeting and establishes its agenda, implements General Meeting resolutions, disburses the expenses deemed necessary for due functioning of the Association, and organizes all international events aimed at promoting the Association.

The Board's members are elected every three years.

Release of the meetings :
Paris 2013 - Paris 2014 - Milano 2015 - Paris 2016

Board for the cycle 2022 - 2025
Jean-François LOGETTE (France)

Philippe ROCHEY (France) - Training seminars
Mostefa BOUZEGAOU (Algeria) - Youth
Jean-Marie VALDENAIRE (France) - Internet website
Caroline ZRINSKI (Belgium)

General Secretary
Philippe MALIGE (France)
Deputys Generals Secretarys
Danielle SIÉ (France)
Huda SRAGE (Lebanon) - Trips and Printing Houses Visits

General Treasurer
Gérard DEVITS (Belgium)
Deputys Generals Treasurers
Alain DAILLET (France) - In charge of insurances
Ludmila DRUC (Moldova)

Ibrahim AL-WADAEI (Bahreïn)
Dominique BIDAULT (France) - G.D.P.R. Pilot
Abdelkader LEMRAHI (Morrocco)
Françoise VALDENAIRE (France)

Youth animation
Christine CHAUNAVEL (France)
Mostefa BOUZEGAOU (Algéria)

Eric JARIOD (France)
Giorgio MASTELLA (Italy)
Christina TUDOSE (Romania)

Honorary Deputy
John DUFAIT (Belgium)
André LAURENT (France)

honorary general secretary
René FRAPPA (France)

Members of Honour
Alessandro AGOSTOSI (Italy)
Cristina POPESCU (Romania)

Committee of Honour
Artyom ADIBEKOV (Federation of Russia - WADP)
Ian BRIGHAM (United Kingdom - CARTOR)
Olfa MOKKADEM (Tunisia - UPU)
Raùl MOREIRA (Portugal)
Lisa SALCEDO (Ecuador - UPU)
Joss WOLFF (Luxembourg)

Technical Advisers
Laurent ALBARET (France) - Facebook et twitter
Nicola BURDIAT (Italie) - Régulateurs postaux