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The association, International Union of Philatelists of Posts and Telecommunications (UIPPT), was founded by France (Jean-François Logette), Germany (Erich Schwandt), Belgium (John Dufait), Norway (Thor Looras) and Portugal (José Duarte Martins), in Paris, during the postage stamps exhibition Salon du Timbre, on 14th October 1994. John Dufait, a member of the Belgian delegation became the first President of the association, and Jean-François Logette (France) the General Secretary.

From 10 to 13 October 1996 France organized the first congress in La Londe Les Maures , attended by representatives from Belgium, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. In the Congress participated Christian Gheorghiev, deputy Director at the UPU and Jan Wouters, Director of the Belgian Post printing House. John Dufait (Belgium) and Jean-François Logette (France) were re-elected in their position.
The UIPPT logo was created.

From 7 to 11 October 1999 the second Congress was held, in Houffalize , Belgium. Romania and Switzerland became members of the UIPPT.

During the third congress, held in Poiana Brasov , Romania, from 5 to 11 May 2003 a new basis for the development of the association was defined, which became FILAPOSTEL.

In September 2003, the website www.filapostel.com was launched

In November 2003, the new by-laws of the society were adopted in Berlin (Germany).

In February 2005, during the Executive Committee meeting at the headquarters of UPU (Universal Postal Union) in Bern (Switzerland), FILAPOSTEL introduced the new logo and obtained a new member country: Slovakia.

September 2006: FILAPOSTEL successfully organized its first philatelic bourse, which took place during the fourth congress in Roquebrune Cap Martin in the south of France near Monaco, from 28th September to 1st Octhober 2006. André Laurent, a member of the French delegation, became the second president of the Association and Monika Podolská (Slovakia) replaced Jean-François Logette.

In January 2010, the dropping of the membership by national associations of France, forces FILAPOSTEL to reconsider its existence. The association adopts the Club direct membership application. This change brings immediate success. The association immediately join postal employees from Hungary, Tunisia, Belgium, Serbia, Romania, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia and even from Bahrain.

On 17 June 2010, at the congress in Paris (France) , during the exhibition of postage stamps in the Parc Floral de Paris, a new name «INTERNATIONAL POSTAL PHILATELIC CLUB» (CLUB PHILATÉLIQUE POSTAL INTERNATIONAL) is adopted. It is approved by the delegates present at the event . The new by-laws are approved and a new Board is elected for the next three years. Jean-François Logette, International expert of the Universal Postal Union (Switzerland), is elected as President of the association. The Board has international presence. Board members are representatives from Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Tunisia. The new Board also includes members from Germany and Romania.

The new logo is created in July 2010 and is the work of a Slovak artist, Adrian Ferda. In July 2010 the new website of the association www.philatelic-postal-club.org is created.