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Postal Club's Board meeting in Paris
CA 2014
The Postal Club's Board meeting took place in Paris (France) on 20 June 2014 during the International Stamp Fair "Planète Timbres"
Important and significant decisions were taken during this meeting :
  • Creation of a Facebook page dedicated to the Postal Club
  • Implementation of a customized and individualised coaching for every Postal Club's member in order to help, to advise and to guide her or him for their collections
  • Organization of a training workshop on Postal Stationeries in Paris (France) in September 2014
  • Visit of the Printing House "Cartor Security printing" in October 2014
  • Organization of training workshop or an international conference in Bordeaux (France) on the modern cancellation machines.
    In addition, the Postal Club's philatelic and tourist travels foreseen to LONDON 2015 and NEW YORK 2016 were refined.
    The forthcoming meeting of the Postal Club's Board in 2015 may take place in London (UK) or in Milan (Italy) where an international stamp show could be organized.
    For any information : monika.podolska@philatelic-postal-club.org (English/ Deutsch) or danielle.sie@philatelic-postal-club.org (Français)
  • International Philatelic Stamp Fair in Paris
    Salon 2014 Although the official name is “Salon Planète Timbres”, this philatelic platform which was held from 14 to 22 June 2014 at the Parc Floral de Paris is remaining international.
    In 2014, after 20 of its existence, the success of this international philatelic rendez-vous was not great. Indeed, difficult access, routine, lack of foreign postal operators and unexpectedly transportation strike reduced attendance.
    The Postal Club got a booth and had organized a competition on this occasion. More than 130 people participated in this contest and were receiving stamps. 12 Postal Club's application forms were recorded.
    The next rendez-vous in a Postal Club's booth will be in Châlons-en-Champagne (France) during the regional philatelic exhibition on 4 and 5 October 2014.
    The 6th General Assembly of the International Postal Philatelic Club took place in Paris on 8 November 2013 at the main post office of La Poste in Paris-Louvre.
    During the assembly the delegates, who came from eight different countries, reviewed last year's results and looked at future prospects for 2014, 2015 and 2016. A new statutory line confirming the use of a new name for the association in internal and external communications was adopted. From now on, the label "Postal Club" will be used in order to simplify the external showcase of the association which keeps is official name of "International Postal Philatelic Club" (Club Philatélique Postal International in French).
    The original aim of the association founded in 1994 was to bring together philatelists from postal operators and telecommunications. Today it focuses on collectors and philatelists from postal operators but it has also opened its doors to all actors of the philately industry (negotiators, printers, philatelist journalists and directors or heads of philately departments) and to those who work for communication companies. However, other philatelists and collectors are also welcome.
    The association led a universal development campaign over the last three years and counts now more than 200 members from 24 different countries. Jean-François Logette, who has been re-elected as President of the association, aims at reaching the number of 300 members in 2016.
    A new Council of Administration has been elected for three years and is an example of international representation with Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, France, Romania, Switzerland and Morocco elected as members. Turkey also forms part of the team as one of the financial auditors.
    Many new activities have been proposed for the next cycle including, but not limited to, the association's 20th anniversary in 2014, a high-level seminar on postal stationeries in Paris and a visit to a security printer. In 2015 a “coaching” session will be organized for members to help them with their collection researches as well as a trip to London to the international philatelic exhibition STAMPEX 2015 . The main activity in 2016 will be the major international exhibition NEW YORK 2016 . The "Postal Club" will continue to hold a stand at international exhibitions. And many more activities will be added to the list.
    Two presentations were given at the end of the sixth "Postal Club" General Assembly. Ian Brigham, deputy director general of Cartor Security Printing, gave a remarkable presentation on innovations and the use of new technologies in futur postal stamps issues. The second was a very unusual and topical presentation, given by Jean-François Logette, with a provocative title "LISA, ATM or FRAMA prepayment labels, the future or just a fashion?"