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You will have the opportunity to discover our "NEWSLETTER". The aim of this NEWSLETTER is to inform you about the innovations of postage stamp issues, our activities and the stamp issues with international themes.

Dec. 2019 The Outlook is Gloomy
Download the newsletter Philatelic Training Workshop
  The Postal Museum of Paris is Reopening !

May 2019 Are commercial catalogs still useful ?
Download the newsletter SPECIMEN in a semicircle
  Essays of the Vienna model IRC

January 2019 A century already !
Download the newsletter STOCKHOLMIA 2019, a trip on June 2019
  Eurojumelages and Postal Club on october 5th 2019

Sept. 2018 Global philately in numbers and its future.
Download the newsletter Monaco and the Ocean, from Exploration to Protection
  IRC Corner :The rarity of Belgium!

June 2018 Bags of mail on board of the Titanic
Download the newsletter MiniSPICK - La rivista per i bambini svegli
  No International Reply Coupon for Taiwan!

January 2018 MonacoPhil 2017: Success was at the rendezvous
Download the newsletter INNOVATION : Tin for stamps
  The Rome model International Reply coupon issued for Czechoslovakia

Sept. 2017 STOCKHOLMIA 2019
Download the newsletter MONACO : a stamp for the Football Champions
  International Day of Peace

May 2017 Cod skin!
Download the newsletter Magyar Posta is 150 Years Old
  500th anniversary of the Reformation

January 2017 A History of Philatelic Frame
Download the newsletter 33rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition in Nanning, PR China,
  A new model for the International Reply Coupon

August 2016 Stamps and mail:Do they continue to be a good combination?
Download the newsletter Orchids: Mexico’s Flora on Postage Stamps
  Postal Club’s general assembly

January 2016 A link between the seniority and the modernity hard to find
Download the newsletter FREE AND EQUAL
  MonacoPhil 2015: The art of success!

October 2015 Sustainable events...
Download the newsletter COP 21
  Postage stamps helping missions in Africa

July 2015 The Postal Club helps you!
Download the newsletter The Postal Club in London !
  News in the Spanish stamp issues

April 2015 Two international events in the world of philately!
Download the newsletter Luxembourg, a tiny country with a great past
  The polar bear

January 2015 How to revitalize the interest in contemporary stamps?
Download the newsletter Innovation and definitive stamps
  The Postal Club invited by Cartor Security Printing

October 2014 Postage stamps: a rapidly growing market?
Download the newsletter NOTOPFER BERLIN
  2014 - International Year of Crystallography

July 2014 NEW YORK 2016, the last major international exhibition ?
World Cultural Heritage of Russia.
  Postal Club Board meeting in Paris

April 2014 A Postal Club project for the youth!
Download the newsletter Black Sea, History Rewritten
  Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

January 2014 The Postal Club Embarks on a New Course !
Download the newsletter Are Your Stamps Genuine ? Consult the WNS !
  6th Triennial General Assembly

October 2013 International reply coupon: the end of an era?
Download the newsletter 29th European Pony Express 2013
  6th Triennial General Assembly

July 2013 The end of major international philatelic exhibitions?
Download the newsletter World’s Biggest Postage Stamp Issued on the Occasion of World Mother’s Day.
  Julian and Gregorian calendars

April 2013 Philately: business or hobby ?
Download the newsletter The "SEDE VACANTE" stamps
  Breast Cancer Research Stamp

January 2013 The Centenary of the Moroccan post stamp
Download the newsletter Trends in the postage market
  Mushrooms, a theme of autumn.

October 2012 Status of the postage stamp
Download the newsletter RAMSAR 2012 - the importance of wetlands for Romania
  Perforated post cards

July 2012 Security perforations: an innovative kind of collection
Download the newsletter Armenian new definitive stamps
  Folk costumes - Hageri and Nissi

April 2012 What does the future hol for international philatelic exhibitions?
Download the newsletter Arrival of the Penny Black at the l'UPU
  Mail transport and the Post

January 2012 Philately and Sustainable Development
Download the newsletter ZODIAC I & II
  The EUROPA postage stamps

October 2011 Philatelic Exhibition in the Grand Ducal Palace
Download newsletter Postal Club’s board meeting in Budapest (Hungary)
  MonacoPhil 2011

July 2011 Innovation ! Good or not good for the collectors?
Download newsletter What do we collect? ... Pictorial postal cards
  50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarinfs spaceflight

April 2011 Stamps and Revolution in Tunisia
Download newsletter World Down Syndrome Day
  Colours of the stamps

January 2011 Coin and Flag Series
Download newsletter From wood to cork
  Flag for Haiti IRC

October 2010 The postage stamps rallies behind the Poles and Glaciers !
Download newsletter What's new in Hungary ?
  Message by the vice-president for youth philately